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Managing Your Pure Bookkeeping Templates

bookkeeping checklist template

If your books have been in disarray for years upon years, you might be tempted to draw the line and stop the reconstruction process. It’s vital that you clean up the last three years of records, and best if you go back seven years. Beyond that, you might not get much practical value from the exercise, and it’s unlikely that anyone else will ask you to go back any farther.

bookkeeping checklist template

Deposit Profit Sharing – If your business has a 401, you must deposit any profit sharing from the previous year into employee accounts prior to the business tax filing deadline. Overcome the challenges your accounting firm is facing acquiring, training and retaining staff. In-depth reports, editorials, videos, and resources to keep you at the front of today’s modern accounting industry. With morale being a big part of practice management, this article tackles key insights that come up in post-tax season meetings and offers suggestions to overcome them next season. This best practice template was featured in Efficient bookkeeping workflows with Karbon and Hubdoc.

Balance Your Business Checkbook

SMA is a rapidly growing provider of high-quality professional bookkeeping services to clients all around the world. We handle all of your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation needs, and we do it at a fair cost. Not only does this allow you to generate the necessary reports for understanding where your company stands financially, it gets you ready to file your annual tax return.

  • This client question helps you understand what workload you will undertake as their new accountant.
  • Depending on how you compensate yourself, you may have to pay self-employment taxes on your income.
  • Some accounting software might not allow you to create retrospective ledger entries until you have entered every transaction for the current fiscal year and restarted the general ledger.
  • That way, you’re not overloaded with an entire laundry list of to-dos.

At QuickBooks, our business accounting software is intuitive and easy to use, to ensure you can achieve these tasks with ease. From managing your taxes to generating financial reports, our business accounting software can make running your business easier than ever.

Start by collecting every source document you can, even if it’s stored in a shoebox, and correlating each with an entry in a bank statement. Cross off each bank-statement entry that matches a source document, and create an entry in your software’s journal reflecting the details of each transaction.

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Reviewing financial statements often helps a business owner from overspending on unnecessary or unpopular times and prevent financial challenges in the future. While year-end checklists may seem more daunting that month-end checklists, when the checklists and financial records are completed every month, the year-end checklists are much easier to compile and complete. As you can imagine, if a business owner has been handling their finances throughout the year, this process becomes infinitely easier. As your accounting firm grows and you continue to expand your team, it becomes essential to standardize your process with bookkeeping checklist templates.

  • In addition to your year-end financial report, your tax professional will need a variety of additional documentation in order to accurately prepare your tax returns and move forward with your tax filings .
  • Not only are you the CEO, you’re also the head of marketing, finance, sales, customer service, and human resources.
  • Updating your bookkeeping and reviewing it prior to year-end is very important as you can actually do something about your tax situation before the turn of the calendar.
  • Excel templates for accounting and bookkeeping can boost productivity and save time.
  • For example, if you have recorded printer ink under stationary expenses, but you want to move it to consumable items, do that immediately because later on, you might forget.
  • While you may be an expert at sales or marketing, you should never undermine the importance of basic accounting.

This guide acts like a checklist of sorts that offers tips on … They have lots to templates to start with and an easy to integrate e-commerce platform that doesn’t need development support. This audit template acts as a checklist to evaluate business activities, including operations, marketing, accounting and research. Restaurant accounting is a crucial component that can significantly affect your business. Manage your cashflow well with our Restaurant Accounting Checklist template to avoid inaccurate financial computations. We hope this accounting processes checklist pack helps your business succeed.

Quarterly Accounting Tasks

It’s a bit more work at the end of an already-long process, but it’s worth it. If you literally keep your records in a shoebox, you probably know that there’s some room for improvement. But if you think that you’re doing just enough to maintain accurate books, you might be whistling through the accounting graveyard. It’s easy enough for minor problems and chronic oversights to bookkeeping checklist template go unnoticed for years, but it’s all too easy for them to snowball into serious issues. Cloud storage services provide vast and infinite storage & backup for your client’s files, photos, and documents at an affordable cost. Moreover, mobility in data access through any interface device is possible. It also includes smartphones, tablets, or computers with an internet channel.

bookkeeping checklist template

Just as you reconcile your personal checking account, you need to know that your cash business transaction entries are accurate and that you are working with the correct cash position. Reconciling your cash makes it easier to discover and correct any errors or omissions—either by you or by the bank—in time to correct them. Whether you have a seasoned or new business, brick and mortar shop, or online store, you need to handle numerous monthly accounting tasks. Assets are anything your company owns that has value, such as bank accounts, accounts receivable, inventory, furniture, equipment, and real estate.

Accounting Month End Checklist Template Excel

Make sure to match all of your financial records to your actual account statements from outside entities, such as your bank account records. Bank accounts that need to be reconciled can include cash, savings and checking accounts. Also make sure to do a reconciliation regarding any outstanding bank notes or bank loans, or prepaid or accrued accounts. While this may take a considerable amount of time, staying organized and taking time to do this will ensure that your quarterly and year-end accounting will go much smoother.

bookkeeping checklist template

Make sure to be extremely organized throughout the month, so that month-end financial statement accounting does not take longer than it needs to take and you are scrambling to find important documents. An examination of financial statements at the end of the year can help ensure that you know where your profits are coming from to increase those areas and decrease the areas that are less profitable.

As part of our ongoing review of the Virtual Xero Manual and Checklists, we have made some process changes and corrections to the Checklists and fully aligned the Virtual Xero Manual with the Checklists. Working with a remote bookkeeping service will still provide you with all the value you could get from an in-office bookkeeper but at a fraction of the cost. It is a lot easier to get a W-9 filled out from a vendor before you pay them, rather than 6 months down the road after the contract work has been completed. One thing that you should do is to take a peek through the details of your asset accounts. You want to be looking for any glaring errors that you mistakenly booked to an asset account.

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However, don’t stop reading because this is by far the most important step. Most businesses are aware that they should request a W-9 form from their vendors, but very few actually follow through and complete the task. Unearth any unpaid bills to ensure they get processed in the correct accounting period before you close out your year. Do some research on any suspicious balances and request statements from those vendors. Going into year-end with a firm handle on payables and receivables will definitely benefit you. Running your aging reports on both accounts receivable and payable may reveal some problems or maybe just some errors.

  • If you establish closing dates for these types of records every month, communicate these dates with any other persons that need to adjust any ledgers or records.
  • After you use the templates to delegate the client work to your staff, you will have the ability to track the status of the work in one simple view.
  • Below, you’ll find important accounting terms and principles that can help you get started.
  • Before you close out your books for the year, double check that all your financials are in order.
  • Employers are required to deposit these taxes on a quarterly basis, but only if the tax due is more than $500.

Balance sheet is a financial document that serves as a snapshot of your company’s financial standing at the end of a specific period. It includes your business’s assets, liabilities, and shareholder’s equity. Accounts receivable is money owed by customers for any purchase of goods or services they made, which is often listed as a creditable asset because they are legally obligated to pay. Improving workflows is beneficial for the entire organization, and simplifying accounting and book-keeping tasks empowers finance teams.

According to an Accountemps survey, two of the most common misconceptions about accountants is that they only do taxes and only focus on crunching numbers. Choose from courses and services that are relevant to your business right now, gaining clarity and confidence in understanding your business finances along the way.

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Use this bookkeeping template to streamline your month-end close process. Petty cash is essential to run day to day business operations smoothly. So, bookkeepers should maintain a petty cash book, write slips each time cash is taken out, enter petty cash entries into software and reconcile it at the end of the month.

The accounting close checklist template Ensure an accurate and timely close with our go-to checklist template. Customize this excel spreadsheet template to fit your industry and organizations’ unique policies and procedures. Here’s a list of common month end closing items, but we are also happy to provide you with our own best practice month end close checklist template. The bookkeeping documents checklist is the acquiring of the details of both the debit and the credit card used in the business transaction whose overall particulars must be mentioned in the checklist.